Because they're family.

Lydia and Molly in Savannah.
Meet Our Family

For over 38 years we have opened our home to those who would've otherwise been discarded. We invite you to meet our family, past and present.

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Your Rescue Stories

If you've found our blog, you've more than likely offered your home to many loving furry friends over the years. Tell your rescue story & read others here.

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Our Thoughts

Want to know more? Read posts, editorials, learn about rescue agencies, topics of interest and what's happening out in the community. Leave your comments.

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Recent Posts

  • Meet Miss Buffy

    Meet Miss Buffy

    Buffy came to us from Carolina Poodle Rescue in South Carolina in July of 2016 after her picture appeared on our FACEBOOK newsfeed. I’m pretty sure it was the video of her singing on the ride to the rescue that sealed the deal! After she was vetted, spayed, and healed from the surgery to her eyelid, […]Read More »
  • What Are These “Rescues/Shelters” I Hear About?

    What Are These “Rescues/Shelters” I Hear About?

    In city or county shelters, stray animals are typically picked up by the animal services department; they are then quarantined for a 10 day period. During this time, the animal is monitored for signs of rabies. This is especially true if an animal shows signs of rabies or has been reported to have bitten or […]Read More »
  • Sparky Karas

    Sparky Karas

    I have several rescues and over the years, many more have touched my life, none like a little red toy poodle known as Sparky. It was fall when the Conyers case hit the news: a breeder in North Carolina had over 105 dogs in (yes, I said IN) her house. The ASPCA was sent in […]Read More »
  • Meet Miss Emma

    Meet Miss Emma

    We’ve had Emma now for almost a year and oh what a beautiful, fun doggie she has become! She is kickin’ back, enjoying her new life to the fullest, loving belly rubs and so many kisses- and the freedom of being out of her breeding mill cage! She has blossomed into a doggie with the […]Read More »
  • Meet Miss Molly

    Meet Miss Molly

    Uh, yeah, we are “those” people who dress their doggies! Honestly, she just got back from the groomers and won’t stay like this very long. She’ll be running in the grass and rolling on the floor insisting on yet another belly rub! Molly came to us from Carolina Poodle Rescue in Oct. of 2014; we […]Read More »
  • Meet Miss Esther

    Meet Miss Esther

    We adopted Esther from Judy’s Pet Rescue here in the Orlando area in June of 2012. Found wandering the streets of Oviedo, FL., Esther was picked up by the rescue and brought back to the shelter. Her fur was long, matted and infested with fleas; she was dehydrated, underweight, and mosquito bitten. The amazing caregivers […]Read More »
No heaven will not ever heaven be; unless my pets are there to welcome me. Unknown next quote

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    • Lydia and Molly in Savannah.